Re-engagement package for ONTRAPORT users

Re-engagement package for ONTRAPORT users

Growing your list takes a lot of time and energy and none of us like spending that energy on unresponsive contacts. They just take space in your list – they don’t consume or promote your content, they don’t buy. They don’t even open your emails.

There comes a time when you need to ask yourself – is it worth it?

In my experience, it’s not. Your open rates are going down, your click through rates are down. And you keep paying for them to stay on your list month after month. At some point you need to draw the line and move on.

We’ve built a system that you can immediately integrate into your Ontraport account. It takes a couple of clicks and the whole setup is there – you just need to add your branding, change some text and publish the pages. Then you’ll be ready to go. It will take you less than an hour from the moment you install the package.

The basics

What does the package do – It tracks all of your contacts and identifies people who haven’t interacted with your content for the past 3 months. Then it sends them an email to urge them to re-engage with your content. A second email reminder is sent and then the contact’s status is changed to Opt-Out. Afterwards it’s up to you to decide what you want to do – we usually export all data once a month and delete the contacts from our database.

The Why?

You keep sending those same people emails and they keep ignoring you. How long would it take you to stop calling them on the phone if they never pick up? A lot less than 3 months, I guess. So why do we keep trying to interact with people that are constantly ignoring us?

The How?

We have prepared a pre-built system for Ontraport users that Ontraport’s support and Certified Consultants have been using and recommending. And we’re giving it away for free – no strings attached.

Once you get the code to install the Re-engagement package, all you need to do is update the content in the emails and the landing pages used and launch your automated re-engagement system.

The package comes with a full guide on what you need to change and how to change it. So you don’t need to be afraid you’ll miss anything.

If you haven’t used Ontraport Packages before (also called OATS), they are super simple and effective way of publishing content from one Ontraport account to another, but they are not open to everyone.

To install a package you need to open the Account page in your Ontraport system and add the code. Then the content is transferred and you can modify, rename and delete it as you want. The content creator has no access to your edits but can push (meaning – add) new package elements if it’s needed. This is only used if we need to update an element in a system. But it won’t happen here – it’s a tested and approved system for everyone.

What you get?

You will receive a PDF file that contains the following:

  • A map of the system built within the package
  • The code for installing the package
  • Full instructions on how to install the package
  • Full instructions on how to edit the elements of the package
  • Full list of each element in the re-engagement campaign and what it does
  • Tips for successful re-engagement campaign

So if you’re already using ONTRAPORT and ready to start your re-engagement campaign on the right foot, download the whole package and install it in less than 2 minutes. Just click below