Over the past few years we’ve worked with a lot of different small businesses. Here is what some of them have to say about the experience:

Diana is absolutely excellent. She has worked with RazorSocial for the last 3 years and has been an extremely valuable asset to the company.

She has excellent skills in all areas of digital marketing and is a specialist in the area of marketing automation.

Diana has worked in many areas at RazorSocial and has excelled in all e.g. Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Webinars, Social Media Analytics and many more.

Diana is a very driven and passionate person and we are very lucky to have her as part of our team.

Diana is KEY to my growing business and in fact I don’t think I could do 50% of the projects I have been doing lately without her. She is whip smart, efficient, fun to work with and super savvy when it comes to systems, projects, sales funnels and all the tech things that get in my way. I have been highly impressed with her since she reached out to help me with a problem last year, and since then my business has become more automated in a way that lets me spend time on what I am good at instead of my head stuck in my email system or tools and software!

I highly recommend Diana especially if you want to make Ontraport work like your best friend – just make sure you leave her some time to work with me!

I have worked with Diana over the last few months. She has helped me with a few issues, but especially in setting up an email automation system on my e-commerce website. I’m an independent entrepreneur with very little technical expertise (nor the time to acquire it) and in this context I found Diana to be a fantastic source of help.

She was careful and patient with me in helping to select the right service for my website. And then helped implement it. Very responsive also to my queries and questions throughout and since. She also has a great back up person on her team who helps if she is not available.

She knows her stuff – and I would highly recommend her.

My work has been transformed since I started working with Diana.

She has an incredibly deep understanding of how Ontraport works as well as digital marketing. She’s been able to create new products based on my email course, redesign pages, improve funnels, suggest new product ideas and is also able to discuss strategy for the business as a whole.

She’s extremely approachable, organised, calm, focused, kind, self-sufficient and smart. Very highly recommended! ?

Diana is such an essential part to my email communication strategy. Tech systems, sales funnels, and email marketing automation is a foreign and scary world for me. What feels almost impossible to me, Diana can get done quickly and efficiently with certainty. What takes her an hour would take me a day filled with tears and frustration. She’s a lifesaver!

She’s also been an invaluable support offering advice on how I can improve my email marketing and use Ontraport in a smarter way. She’s super savvy and very professional. I feel safe knowing she’s a part of my team and has been for a year now. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Diana for your email marketing needs, and to help manage the Ontraport system.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diana on several projects for almost a year now. She is prompt, professional and knows her stuff. I’ve found her blend of knowledge to make it very easy to work with her. She understands online marketing very well, including social media and email marketing. Her technical skills with various automation software and other online marketing tools are icing on the cake.

Hire Diana – you can’t go wrong.

I hired Diana for the first time early in 2014. After my merger with another company, it took my business partner and I only a couple of months to realize that we missed Diana’s professionalism, creativity, and dedication. Diana has been pivotal in the set up of our online marketing campaigns, helping us not only to deliver them but to optimize them to enhance our clients experience and reduce our costs.

Our mailing list is growing daily because of her hard work, and our leads have been nurtured as well in a proper manner. Thank you, Diana!

I found Diana with a very simple but major problem that ONTRAPORT’s support couldn’t figure out. Being my first time using automation I was on the verge of giving it up until Diana came along and offered her support. Diana succinctly found my issue and showed me how to fix it. Now I have the confidence to continue to grow my business using automation.

Thank you, Diana!