We all see what’s happening with the COVID-19 crisis. It’s hitting a lot of industries at the moment and we don’t have a timeline of when it’s going to go back to normal. In a way, this is the economic crisis we’ve been expecting in the past years.

If you’re among those entrepreneurs that are already seeing declines in sales and events, it’s time to rethink your strategy for the next 3-4 months (and hopefully, we’ll have the crisis decline by then).

That’s why I wanted to share a tip with you that might be helpful and allow you to focus on growth during the crisis.


Relationships are important

If people trust you, they’ll trust you won’t be pushing something just to make the sale. This is the time to check your relationships with your customers and build new, strong ones, with prospects and leads. This crisis will end, as all other before it did. The question is if you’ll emerge as a leader in your field or at the same position where you started, but with less savings.

There are numerous wonderful sales trainers and coaches who focus on this – seek them out, find their free content, find new materials focused on the crisis. It will 100% make a difference for your business.

If you’re in the MICE industry, check Ciara Feely’s updates here. The meetings & conferences industry was, among with travel and tourism, among the first and hardest hit.


No, I’m not just talking about setting up a Mailchimp account and calling it a day! This is the time to invest in your time and business by identifying what could be automated, how and why.

I’m talking about creating trainings, webinars, and content for your leads and market niche. I’m also talking about everything that’s behind the scenes that you’ve been postponing until you had “more time”. And let’s be honest, we never get that more time.

I work with businesses to help them streamline their processes and their marketing. My main advice for you during this period is the following:

  • Identify your main processes
  • Review and Update them accordingly – do they actually work for you? is it complicated? can you explain it in 5-10 mins to a new team member?
  • Set clear strategies and control mechanisms to make sure you follow them moving forward
  • Free more time by automating what’s repeating

If you just focus on this during the coronavirus crisis, you will see a huge impact for you business. In addition, you will be more comfortable scaling and getting new team members on board.

Not sure where to start? You can always reach out to me for a consultation.