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How to Clean Your Email List

Keeping a clean contact record list is a main ingredient in getting better results from your campaigns. What means cleaning your email list? A clean list is a list with a minimum number of hard and soft bounces, wrong email addresses or purely fake ones. Keeping a...

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Single or Double Opt-in?

A major part of your marketing automation is email marketing - communicating with your list of prospects and nurturing them into becoming valuable customers. This means that you need to build a list and doing so wisely is a hard work. Ideally, you have selected the...

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Productivity: The Rule of 3

My Three Focus Rule was born over а year ago, after my summer vacation when I had to get back to my normal schedule plus finding time to fit some additional projects. Let me make this straight – when I say projects, that includes personal ones too. The big revelation came when I met my limits – I can’t work on all 4 projects during the same day. Sometimes – even during the same week. This led me to the understanding that I can’t focus my attention to more than 3 things at the same time.

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